Wedding Sketch Artist


A promotional flier will be available October 2022

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator with a particular interest in iPad illustration. I am now venturing into becoming a wedding sketch artist.


My aim is to provide you with and A5 sketchpad of pen and ink/watercolour images (black and white/ grey wash - colour would take too long) and a series of full colour iPad digital images of your special day. These would be very quick spontaneous, intuitive sketches drawn on the spot - each taking around 5 to 10 minutes to do. My sketches are fun and quirky and should bear some resemblance to the person I am drawing but sometimes I can get a little creative! The styles may vary over the image set as I work differently depending on what I see before me. I would expect to do around 40+ images on a good day.


Since I work very fast and unobtrusively I would rather not be asked to do posed portraits or caricatures as they can loose the freedom I give to my work - and it is not my thing anyway. Other artists can do that. I may tidy up a few images afterwards if needed. After the event I will give you the sketchbook and send you the final digital images but any amends or editing will be charged extra. What I do on the day is what you get.

Let me loose and be surprised at what appears - I will be too!


The above sketches were from a recent wedding which I visited for a few hours one evening.

If you would be interested in booking me, please email me giving details of the date, location, time and any other interesting details. I would like to be present from the ceremony itself until the last person is carried away from the bar! I will then give you an estimate of what I would charge.


Note: I live in Bedfordshire, England. If you are a long way away, it may not be practical to be there for you. I do have links with The White Pheasant, Orleton Court Farm in Worcestershire where the above wedding took place.

Contact me here for a promotional flier or further information