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Wedding Sketch Artist

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say a very big thank you for our stunning wedding  party sketches. From the moment we spoke I felt  you would create something  special and that’s exactly what you did do – an absolutely beautiful story  that captures both the atmosphere of the evening and those who celebrated with us. You’ve given us a totally unique memento of our of special day which we will  treasure forever." NM

"We were blown away with what you created. The sketches have a quality to them that a photo could never achieve! So thoughtful, cheeky, romantic. We’ve loved spotting our friends and family in all of them. They are such a great impression of them, you’ve done a fab job at nailing the individual characters in the day - we’ve had such a giggle sharing them all! It’s so special to have a sketch book of the original drawings, it truly tells the story of our day start to finish!" HW


A promotional flier is now available: click here

UPDATE March 2024:

See me at the following Wedding Fairs:

Hertfordshire County Show, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May, 2024

Wedfest, The Sadie Centre, Letchworth, Sunday 9 June, 2024

Do please contact me if you are in any way interested in what I am offering.

My charge is around £500* for a full day’s attendance. I do not charge by the hour.

This would cover my attendance from, for example, late-morning to late-evening.

Travel may be charged extra.

I am based in Luton, Bedfordshire.

(*Please do contact me for a proper quote - your special day is important to you!)

I sketch quickly, not always bound by detail or accuracy. It is intuitive, loose and lively. If you want more traditional caricature work or portraits DO NOT BOOK ME. I work for the CLIENT, NOT the guests and I am not an entertainer either.



I know there is a lot to read but I want to enjoy your special day as much as you do and celebrate it with you. I just want to make life easier for us all and avoid problems or time wasting.

Who are you?

I am a professional graphic designer and illustrator with a particular interest in urban sketching, greeting card design and iPad illustration.


What are you offering?

My aim is to provide you with a series of very quick, spontaneous, intuitive sketches drawn on the spot. The styles may vary over the image set as I work differently depending on what I see before me. I would expect to do around 30+ sketches on a good day. 

What do I get?

I will discuss with you before the event which of the following would work best for you:

The original pen and ink sketches/Sketchbook

A USB stick of all sketchbook/iPad images in digital format.

A framed collage of all the images.

A Photobook.

How do you work?

My preferred way of working is to use an iPad to provide full colour digital images. 

Alternatively I use fountain pens, ink and watercolour (black and white with a grey wash) in an A4 hardback wire bound sketchbook. My iPad screen is difficult to see in bright sunshine and, if hot, can overheat. The sketchbook provides actual hand-created artwork for you to keep. Colour sketchbook images would take too long to create.

By the very nature of using real pens, inks, brushes and paint the sketchbook may well include various additional artworks in the form of ink splatters, splodges, smudges, fingerprints, spots of mud, squashed wedding cake crumbs, wine stains etc. These you will get to keep as well as they can appear unexpectedly and add to the uniqueness of the sketches - and, anyway, they won’t rub off the paper. Sometimes I may start a sketch and it all goes horribly wrong - you’ll get to keep that too!

If it is pouring with rain I will take photos and work up sketches after the event.

Some of the pictures aren’t very neat, they look a bit scrappy?

Drawing quickly is why I am a ‘Sketch’ Artist. I am NOT trying to create neat pieces of artwork. Lines go wrong, people have a habit of moving the moment I’ve started drawing them, pen nibs don’t always behave, etc. I am often having to rely on my memory of what I saw a few seconds ago before my subject walked away.


I will tidy up a few images afterwards (e.g. a check for colour balance, minor errors, etc). I may also take photographs at the event to help me later clarify any detail I have missed. After the event I will send you the final digital images and the sketchbook. Any extra images I draw after the event from photos will be at my discretion. Any amends or editing requested by you will be charged extra.


Are your people instantly recognisable and why have you drawn her nose so big?

Some people are ‘more interesting’ to draw than others! I am not always after an exact likeness as I am only sketching and yes, because they are like caricatures, I may take artistic licence and be a little creative with my artwork. If you want my work, then you may have to accept the odd big nose or exaggerated posture. That is what I do. 


What can I do with the artwork?

Whatever you want, as long as it is for your non-commercial use i.e. you cannot sell or make products out of the work for onward sale. The sketchbook pages could be removed and framed as original artwork or scanned to digital files. The high-res digital iPad JPGs could be used for making photo books, Christmas cards, thank you notes, framed prints, prints on canvas, mugs, tea towels, cushions etc. There are many options available on the internet.  Please note that the copyright remains with me, the creator, so please credit where possible.

Will you create a photo book for us by scanning in all the drawings and adding in all the digital images?

No. I am not offering any post production/design/printing work at the moment. ​


It must be nice and relaxing drawing people?

NO it is not! Doing what I do takes a huge amount of energy and concentration. I work fast and I have to carefully balance engaging with curious people wanting to have a peek and doing what I am being paid to do.

I want you to draw me and my mates/Grandma/kids/dog/girlfriend

I will draw what I can. I will not be able to draw everyone. I don’t usually draw on request. I will aim to draw key people present during the day.

Will you go to any wedding or event?

I think my work would be more suited to informal/rustic/countryside/alternative weddings but.... as long as there are plenty of decorations, flowers, cakes, food, wine, drink, interesting people and space to move around I should get some good compositions.

My wedding venue will be small, dark and very crowded, is that OK?

No. I like space to move around freely without people being too conscious I am there or bumping into me the whole time. If it is small, overcrowded and poorly lit that will limit what I can do as I need to see people and not be right in their face! 


Where will you travel to?

I live in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, UK. I am happy to travel further afield but there may be additional travel costs if over 30 or so miles away. In some cases I may need accommodation which will be charged unless you can arrange accommodation for me. Please do chat in the first instance.


What happens on the day?

​For weddings, I would like to be present from the ceremony itself until mid-evening. Hopefully that will be from mid morning onwards, depending on the schedule.​ I will arrive at the initial venue well in advance so that I can get prepared and see how the land lies. I will then move around throughout the day drawing what and where I can without interfering with anyone or the proceedings as much as possible. A brief schedule would be good to have. 

How will you deal with any inappropriate behaviour towards you (drunks, rudeness, etc)?

I will leave and expect a note of apology with a little gift. There will be no refund.


Your work reminds me of that guy who does children’s books...

People often say my work reminds them of Quentin Blake. This is quite unintentional.

You’ve drawn my husband flirting with a bridesmaid!

I draw what I see and won’t know who anyone is. If I cause a family riot I am not responsible.

Who are you, mate? You’re not on the list?

You have invited me so please, if possible, make sure my attendance is known, respected and your guests know I am going to be there.


You won’t draw me, will you?

I understand some people may not wish to be drawn or, indeed, may not like what I do. I will not know that. You will have to remove any images I finally send you if that is the case. 


Can I see what you are drawing as the event progresses?

Yes, but my work is best seen as a whole finished portfolio.

Would you like a few drinks from the bar, a plate of food or to help yourself from the buffet?

Yes. Thank you very much, that will make me very happy. I may not have eaten for many hours.

If we send you photos of our wedding will you draw us from them?

No, not at the moment. 

What are your payment terms and conditions?

These will be sent with the Booking Pack.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?


Do you do other events?

I might, possibly, be happy to do a significant party, but I would probably respectfully decline childrens/teenagers parties.​

How do I book you?

If you are interested in booking me, please use the contact page or ring me on 07966 774 536 (Evenings only please).

Please note: I have a full-time job as a Graphic Designer and so, unfortunately, I'm not able to take on day bookings during the week. A late afternoon onwards booking may be possible, dependant on time/travel from Milton Keynes. An evening only, say from 7pm, is not really enough time to do my work justice.

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