As a child, I had the freedom to explore on a farm and in countryside in which I could play, get muddy and expand my imagination. Years later, my illustration work revisits this idyllic world with a sense of fun, playfulness, whimsicallity and nostalgia. Commercially, I am more tied to a variety of design and illustration styles that fit the appropriate demands of sales managers and clients. Left to my own devices I can enter a world of caricatures, cartoons and quirky animals where I am equally at home sketching in cafes as beneath windswept trees on lonely hills. I love sketching on an iPad or with a trusty fountain pen on a favourite sketchpad.



Indesign : Illustrator : Photoshop : iPad (Procreate and Affinity Designer) : pen and ink : watercolor : acrylic inks and occasionally a little paint


Illustration Themes

Seaside : gardening : farming : wildlife : countryside : equine : nature : cartoons : whimsical : cute : caricature : vintage machinery : Urban Sketching


I hope to develop a series of seaside themes using the iPad as my main illustration tool with the aim of creating prints to sell (see below).


Creative Writing

On my blog or on the Creative Writing page I will place examples of either short stories or nature awareness writings. I have written around 20 short stories and tend to write one a month if I can.


Novel Writing

I have completed the first draft of a magical reality novel based on farming and rural life in west Worcestershire where I spent my early years. The first draft completed at the end of 2020.


Online Shop

I am exploring the possibility of selling prints of illustrations online. These may be ordinary digital A4/A3 prints on card which can be purchased for a modest fee and can then be framed or displayed as desired by the buyer.


I very rarely take on any commissions. I draw what I want to draw, and most off my work is shared on instagram. If you want an image, please email me.

Day Job

For my day job I primarily design Christmas products for IG Design Group in the UK.