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As a child, I had the freedom to explore on a farm and in countryside in which I could play, get muddy and expand my imagination. Years later, my illustration work revisits this idyllic world with a sense of fun, playfulness, whimsicallity and nostalgia. Commercially, I design Christmas cards and other Christmas products. Left to my own devices I can enter a world of caricatures, cartoons and quirky animals where I am equally at home sketching in cafes as beneath windswept trees on lonely hills. I love sketching on an iPad or with a trusty fountain pen on a favourite sketchpad.



Indesign : Illustrator : Photoshop : iPad (Procreate and Affinity Designer) : pen and ink : watercolor : acrylic inks and occasionally a little paint


Illustration Themes

Seaside : gardening : farming : wildlife : countryside : equine : nature : cartoons : whimsical : cute : caricature : vintage machinery : Urban Sketching


Creative Writing

On my blog or on the Creative Writing page I will place examples of either short stories or nature awareness writings. I have written around 20 short stories and tend to write one a month if I can.


Novel Writing

I have completed the first draft of a magical reality novel based on farming and rural life in west Worcestershire where I spent my early years. The first draft completed at the end of 2020.


Wedding Sketch Artist

An exciting new venture! See the Wedding page above. 


I very rarely take on any commissions. I draw what I want to draw, and most off my work is shared on instagram. If you want an image already there, please email me.

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