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Matthew Slater

Wedding Sketch Artist​


Unique, quick, spontaneous, intuitive and quirky sketches 

drawn on the spot at your wedding or event!

All my work is done on the day - potentially around 50 sketches - not posed, not caricatures, not portraits, but this!

I'll draw anything I see: the venue, table decorations, people, bands, food, cakes, horses, flowers etc.

I work quickly and I like to be there for the whole day to capture as much as possible.

Note: I work for the Wedding Couple/Client - I am not an entertainer/artist giving artwork to the guests at the end of the day. 

See me at the following Wedding Fairs:
Hertfordshire County Show, 25-26 May, 2024
Wedfest, The Sadie Centre, Letchworth. Sunday 9 May, 2024

What I can do and how I work

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Insta: #matthewslaterart           Facebook: @WeddingSketchArtist

Examples of my iPad and Sketchbook images (plus some promotional illustrations):
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